Nordic Dry Brush

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our nordic dry brush is a must-have accessory in your skincare, everywhere routine.

✿ details

Using a natural bristle brush on your skin twice a week comes with a lot of benefits improving blood circulation, smoothing out cellulite, and of course exfoliating and removing dead skin cells.

✿ how to use
Prior to showering use the brush while dry. Start at your feet and brush upwards towards your heart, spending ample time on your bikini line and legs. The more you dry brush the less sensitive your skin will become to it. After brushing, hop in the shower to clean off the skin cells.

✿ extras

Every dry brush comes with a free storage bag so you can take your brush (aka magic wand) when you travel.

Customer Reviews

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Goodbyyyyye dry skin!

I’ve never used a dry brush before but was interested! I’ve been using this one for about a week or two now and LOVE. Skin is noticeably less flaky and it’s such a calming little ritual pre-bath or shower.

Game Changer for Dry Flaky Skin

Having VERY sensitive dry itchy skin, I am always a bit leary on trying new things. I have now tried my new Nordic Dry Brush twice and I am loving the feel of my skin and have noticed a difference in the flakiness already. I would recommend following the dry brush technique with the Radiant Bath and Body Oil as the two working together were perfect for my dry sensitive skin :) WIll purchase both again from Shop Fleure!!

my legs are butter

ok ok ok ok holy helllll. i dry brush every day now and its insane to see the gross flakes of dead skin just fly off. i then go in the bath and add some coconut oil, and then finish off by moisturizing with shop fleure's stubble softening moisturizing (cutest pink packaging as well). you need this and its so inexpensive! like what?